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About Luv Mylk

Access to healthy living and environments is tantamount. Our motto strives to encapsulate that. Luv Mylk nourishes the body and offers a better, more sustainable vision for our futures. Saving the planet one Mylk at a time, Located in San Diego, CA.


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Our Beginnings

Luv Mylk was founded in 2021 by San Diego resident Vincent Dotson. He is committed to sharing the knowledge and benefits of tasty hemp milk. Vincent believes the world should explore more sustainable options when it comes to plant based milk. 

Vincent spends copious amounts of time in the kitchen. He created this hemp milk recipe out love for food and the environment. He has developed 4 plant-based milks, all delicious and excellent alternatives to what is currently provided. Luv Mylk is located in and delivers to San Diego, California. If you want to try Luv Mylk! Visit us at North Park Farmers Market (2900 North Park Way) Thursday's 3pm-7:30pm!!!

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Our Vision

Luv Mylk is an all-natural, organic plant-based milk produced from hemp seeds. With an earthy, nutty flavor, hemp is an excellent alternative for people with dairy allergies.


Made from the seed so there is no “high”. This non-dairy hemp milk contains minerals, good fats, and vitamins. We at Luv Mylk believe the key to living healthy and consciously doesn’t stop at what you put into your body.


We store all our products in reusable glass bottles to help reduce waste and believe sustainability is our main priority.

More Information

Luv Mylk helps promote a healthy brain & heart, supplying both nutrients Omega 3 and Omega 6. Luv Mylk contains the essential amino acids required to provide a complete protein. 

Hemp seeds, an edestin based protein, has been proven to be highly digestible. While soothing the stomach and compiling minerals, they're also known for their DNA repairing properties. 

The glass bottles and jars used by Luv Mylk can be recycled endlessly without loss in purity and quality.



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